Style, atmosphere and hearthy service

Villa Hepolahti is a luxurious villa for business and recreational purposes, providing conferences, meetings and fun-filled vacations with a setting and style to be remembered.

Hepolahti is located on Lake Pintele in the village of Laitikkala, Pälkäne, in Southern Finland, and it is connected to the extensive waterways of Häme. The villa accomodates 13 persons, but day meetings and various activities can be arranged for larger groups. During holiday periods and on weekends Hepolahti is leased for private visitors and it becomes a place of repose.

Services of Villa Hepolahti are designed and carried out according to the customer's wishes, individually and from the heart. Exactly the same way that Villa Hepolahti was built.

You are most welcome!

Päivi and Heikki Rönni

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