Examples of activities in Villa Hepolahti

Lake view and beautiful Finnish nature are included in every conference package with no extra charge. Sometimes, however, you may feel like enjoying some shared activities and experiences.

In case none of the following examples awakes your interest, please don't hesitate to contact us about your own suggestion. Our motto is: "Yes, can do!"

River Kyllönjoki by Canoe

Guided tour takes off at Villa Hepolahti towards adventures and the beautiful Kyllö. Our destination is Kalliosaari or Rönnvik vineyard. The sheltered route is suitable for beginners. Duration 2-3 hours.

Scenic Cruise on Huwitus Tracker

The Sun Tracker, carrying max. 13 people, departs from Hepolahti pier and heads towards shimmering blue open lake. Waterways range as far as Tampere and Hämeenlinna. Picnic basket full, we cruise with a relaxed pace, admiring the scenery. We can occasionally put in at an island or drop the anchor at a bay for swimming. Duration as per agreement.

Seasonal Fishing

At open water time, Huwitus Tracker takes you on a fishing trip, rods equipped with the best catching lures recommended by an expert local fishing guide. Active spinning or relaxed trolling. Perch, pike and pike-perch are the most reliable catches. Should we catch any fish, we'll heat up the smoking oven or frying pan back at the villa.

In the winter, it's thermal overalls on, pack the ice bore and jig bag, and off to Hepolahti bay ice. Jigging competition is on, with adaptable rules, of course. The smallest fish can win, too.

Nocturnal burbot jigging in a snow storm is great for those seeking extreme experiences. Fishing trip durations 2-5 hours (with guaranteed catch, duration indefinite).

Crayfishing Night on Island

Darkening late summer night. Crayfish lurking under a stone at the bottom of the lake. Prepare the traps and wait by the fireplace. Crayfishing trip is an experience you'll never forget. The catch is brought to Villa Hepolahti, and the next evening we organize a crayfish feast.

Wine Tasting at Rönnvik

Finland 's leading vineyard introduces Villa Hepolahti guests to the world of local wines. Trip includes tasting the awarded Rönnvik wines and aquaints visitors to the vineyard and the process of wine-making. Trip can be made by water or by land. Duration ca. 2-3 hours.

Culinary Tour of the Village

The village of Laitikkala is populated by exceptionally many great culinary craftsmen. Smoked meat and sausages of Katajan Liha, Pirkko Heikkilä's cheeses, and berries and vegetables from the Suttinen and Tanila farms are delicious local food. After the tour, you are equipped with victuals fit for kings. You can prepare the dinner by yourself or leave it to the matron of Villa Hepolahti.

Play it again Huwitus

Owner of Hepolahti Heikki Rönni is a professional troubadour and the vocalist of Rhythm Group Huwitus. Your romantic camp-fire evenings and swinging garden parties will be carried out with craft and style. The voice of Laitikkala's singing jukebox, Aimo Kokkola, leaves no-one cold and his stories are hilarious both in Finnish and English. Ask more about alternatives.

Quiet Forest on Horseback

A quality Icelandic Horse stable Alfur is located in the neighbouring village. The stable organizes horseback trips to nearby Ruokola forest and village roads with steady-legged, well-behaved horses. Icelandic Horse's special gait, the smooth and soft tölt, is sure to charm both experienced and novice riders. The stable also organizes leaded jaunts for all ages and gait training and courses for those more interested in Icelandic Horse riding.

Let's Do Nothing Package

Scenery opening from the windows of Villa Hepolahti, glass of good wine or a mug of hot berry juice, eyes fixed on the sunset. Easy conversation, or just soothing silence. Admiring the nature. Duration as per situation.

Rumbling and cracking

Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus's partners offer various gadgets and vehicles running on motors. Do you feel like tootling around in a buggy or peeling rubber on a Cross Cart car? Ask more about alternatives.

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