In Villa Hepolahti, food tastes good. We prepare the meals of quality ingredients produced locally to the highest possible extent.

The village produces berries, vegetables, root crops, cheeses, various meat products, fish etc. The aroma of Berit S Kukko's freshly baked bread will rouse senses during Hepolahti meals. To drink, we recommend Rönnvik's awarded berry wines. It pays to visit the village to learn more about the various products, especially in summer and autumn. Currant bushes and strawberry fields are all over, and conversations with local farmers give the food a history.

Menu choices of conference packages vary seasonally and they are tailored to suit the customer's needs. Supper is the culmination point of a conference; we recommend individuality and sit-down service. Villa Hepolahti's menus are spiced up by Forestry counsellor Koskelo's special logging shanty recipes. We apply them with modern yet sensitive touch to prepare 'good, varied, ripe and neatly served' dishes for today's lumberjacks and -janes, and other professionals as well. (quote from T. Koskelo's cover letter for logging shanties)

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