Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus applies the following terms in booking and cancelling Villa Hepolahti reservations. These terms come into effect once the tenant has paid the deposit (first payment), as stipulated in the invoice, for reserving Villa Hepolahti, or he/she has paid both the deposit and the final payment at the same time.


After reservation, Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus will issue an invoice to the tenant for paying the rent. All complaints about the invoice have to be made within 7 days of the invoice date.

If the reservation is made more than 45 days prior to the start of your rental, the invoice is issued in two parts: deposit, 20% of the rent (due 7 days after invoice date), and final payment, 80% of the rent (due 45 days prior to the start of your rental). If the reservation is made less than 45 days prior to rental, only one invoice is issued for the full payment. Reservation is considered confirmed when the tenant has paid the deposit or the full payment to our accounts. If the payment is not made before due date, Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus has the right to cancel the reservation. Leaving the invoice unpaid does not constitute a cancellation. Cancellation has to be made in writing to Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus. If required, the tenant has to present a receipt for the payment.


Cancellation has to be made with a written declaration to Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus. A cancellation becomes effective when Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus receives the declaration. If the cancellation is not confirmed to the tenant within 3 days of the cancellation, the tenant is required to confirm the arrival of the declaration by phone. The deposit is withheld if reservation is cancelled. If the cancellation is made after 30 days prior to start of arrival, total rental cost is charged. The tenant has the right to reclaim the rent paid to Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus, excluding the deposit, if the reason for cancellation is that the tenant, or a person sharing his/her household, is inflicted by disease, serious accident or death. In such case, the cancellation has to be made immediately and a written proof of the cause has to be presented (medical certificate etc.) If the cancellation is made after 48 hours prior to start of arrival or during the stay, total rental cost is forfeited. If the tenant alters the start or end dates of the reservation, this action is considered cancellation of the reservation and making of a new reservation.


In case of circumstance out of our control (force majeure), Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus reserves the right to cancel the reservation. Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus is in such case liable to advise the tenant immediately and the tenant has the right to receive a full refund of the paid rent.


Keys to Villa Hepolahti (2 sets) will be handed to the tenant at the estimated time of his/her arrival, confirmed earlier by phone, in Villa Hepolahti or location agreed on in advance.

Keys can be received earliest at 4 pm on the arrival day, and they must be handed back latest at 11 noon on the day of departure. (on occupations less than a week in length, as per agreement).


Villa Hepolahti can be occupied by the tenant from 4 pm on the arrival day to 11 noon on the departure day; on weekend stays or stays lasting less than a week, as per agreement. Rent of Villa Hepolahti includes the right to use the main building and the separate sauna building. Rent also includes use of pillows, blankets, furniture, kitchenware and tableware. Bed linen is not included in the rent, but they can be ordered in advance for 10 eur/person. Tenant is responsible for cleaning the facilities during the occupation and at the end of occupation. The following are required from the tenant: emptying the trash can, vacuum-cleaning the floors, washing the kitchenware and tableware (and emptying the dishwasher), removing any stains and dirt, putting furniture and other objects back to their original places and making the beds. Final cleaning can be ordered in advance for 150 eur. If proper final cleaning has not been made at the end of the occupation and it has not been ordered in advance, Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus will issue the tenant a cleaning fee of 200 eur or more.


The tenant is responsible to pay for any damage incurred to Villa Hepolahti or its contents to Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus in full.


The property cannot be occupied by more persons than the number of beds in the villa. Use of a tent or trailer on the villa plot is forbidden without the owner's consent.


Any complaints concerning the equipment or condition of the facilities must be reported immediately to Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus. Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus is not responsible to compensate for damages or inconveniences caused by natural phenomena or animals (F.ex. algae in the lake).


During peak seasons (winter holidays and summer months) the minimum rental time is usually one week, date of arrival Friday. Facilities are in use from 4 pm on arrival day to 12 noon on departure day. Weekends and occupations lasting less than a week outside peak seasons as per agreement.


Ohjelmapalvelu Huwitus is not responsible for any errors in the brochure/internet. We reserve the right to changes applied after printing the brochure or updating web material.

Any disputes arising from the contract will be attempted to be settled amicably by the parties. If disputes cannot be settled, any legal proceedings arising out of, or in connection with this contract, will be governed with all respects by the laws of Finland and all parties submit to the jurisdiction of Pirkanmaa courts at all times.

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