”Kun soivat kiukaan mustat urut, unhoittuvat arjen surut”

"Everyday miseries are forgotten with the sound of the stove's black organ"

Sauna has always meant a quality moment in Villa Hepolahti. For Forestry counsellor Koskelo, sauna was a place of relaxation and peace. Heating up the sauna was a ritual not to be spoiled with hurry. We hold on to these traditions, and an enjoyable sauna experience for Hepolahti guests is a matter of honour for us.

Lakeside sauna

The genuine Häme lakeside sauna is located 20 meters from the shore and it is warmed up with wood. There is room for 6 to 8 persons at a time in the steam room, and others can wait for their turn in the atmospheric dressing room or the large terrace overlooking Lake Pintele. Water is warmed up in a traditional cauldron; the only concession to modern times is an electric light.

Electric sauna

The main building's 10-person luxury sauna represents the top of modern Finnish wood working and craftsmanship at its most genuine. Walls and ceiling of the sauna are made of heat-treated aspen panel and treated with maw oil. The steam room benches are also custom-made of heat-treated aspen. The stove is a quick-heating Saunatonttu model designed by Risto-Matti Ratia, and it produces humid, easy steams.

The steam room overlooks Hepolahti bay through glass-made double-doors and the bathroom window. The bliss of a morning sauna at sunrise is a must.

The main building's sauna was designed by Heikki Rönni and built by master carpenter Hannu Rantanen.

Swimming is possible from both saunas.

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