Crayfish catching

Crayfish catching is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lives! Together with the host of Villa Hepolahti, guests will go out in the evening and check the crayfish traps set in Lake Pintele and river Kyllönjoki the night before. The host will tell stories of catching crayfish and crayfish parties, drawing from his decades-long experience of crayfish catching.


When the catch is being prepared in the kitchen, it is time to set the table and think about what songs will be sung at the crayfish party. At sunset, it is party time, complete with crayfish tail on toast with a bit of dill and butter on top! And a toast or two perhaps, to wash it all down!


A crayfish party is a wonderful choice for families and groups of friends, too, and it can be arranged anywhere in the Pälkäne are on request.


Villa Hepolahti crayfish catching safari


  • Duration: 2 hours or depending on the exercise
  • Location: Lake Pintele, river Kyllönjoki
  • Price: 300 €/group + 20 e/person (inc. VAT)
  • Price includes: Guided crayfish catching trip by pontoon boat, lifejackets
  • Group sizes: From minimum 5 persons to maximum 12 persons. For bigger groups trips can be arranged one after another.
  • Languages: Finnish, English
  • Availability: During the crayfish catching season (21.7-31.10)
  • Optional: Picnic lunch, crayfish dinner in Villa Hepolahti