An elegant meeting venue, and it’s all for your group alone!


Villa Hepolahti is high-end meeting venue, a pearl among its countryside peers. Refurbished and furnished in the spirit of the renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, it will continue to awe visitors with Finnish design, and its views of the lake and birch-tree forest. When it comes to food and cuisine, there is a wonderful selection of fresh, local produce on offer at the nearby farmer’s market called Makukylä. In the Hepolahti kitchen, food has a story to tell!


All of the Villa will be for your group alone throughout your stay, ensuring peace and quiet for successful discussions or negotiations. You may choose the scenic veranda for 20 persons, or any of the several indoor spaces. There is a sauna next to the lake and another in the main building, or perhaps you would like to allow your afternoon ideas to evolve further while taking it easy in front of the fireplace. No matter how late you carry on, there will be no-one to disturb you!


All Hepolahti services are produced the same way the Villa is built – with love, dedication and experience.


You are welcome to come and see that we mean business with our guarantee of great style, excellent atmosphere and service with a smile.


A meeting in Villa Hepolahti for great views of the future!


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