Local produce at nearby

The exceptionally active village of Laitikkala offers you local food as best. Laitikkala is better known as a village of the delicious Farmer’s Market.


Kesänmaku – butcher shop is 200 meter away and it provides provincial products (like fresh bread, pastries, local cheeses) and other groceries as well. At Suttinen farm, half kilometer away, you find the shop with wide variety of fresh berries and vegetables. Many other provincial products are on stock as well. On the upper level of the farm store there is a cosy attic craft and coffee shop. Rönnvik wineyard is located only two kilometers from Hepolahti. The shop holds their small brewed beer in addition to wines. Heikkilä’s diary farm produces cheeses which are sold at Kesänmaku, Suttinen and Rönnvik.


So you just grab a shopping bag or basket and head for the market to fill it with locally produced foods. And perhaps a local bottle of wine as well!