Summer activities

Let’s paddle to the river Kyllönjoki!


A guide will lead you and your group from Villa Hepolahti to the beautiful river Kyllönjoki.

Cruise on the lake


Huwitus -pontoon boat takes you to the blue lakes of Pintele, Ilmoilanselkä and Mallasvesi.

Crayfish cruise


Darkening late summer night. Crayfish lurking under a stone at the bottom of the lake. Prepare the traps and wait by the fireplace. Crayfishing trip is experience everyone should have at least once in their lives!

Fishing cruise


Let’s go fishing! Active spinning or relaxed trolling.

Make it all about food!


There is so much more to food than just eating it.

Villa Hepolahti Grand Prix


Sometimes you just have to see who’s who when it comes to racing!