Villa Hepolahti Grand Prix

3,2,1, DRIVE!


Sometimes you just have to see who’s who when it comes to racing! And here with us, too, it is exactly the same features as with the pros that will make the difference: you need speed, technical insight and tactical genius!


Your group will be divided into teams of five or so and their task will be to design and then build as fast and competitive a downhill racing car (a.k.a. soapbox racer) as possible, then choose a fast but steady driver, come up with the best racing tactics ever and finally make it to the finish line as number 1!


All the teams will be given the same equipment and tools to build their cars. In one hour they will build their cars to the best of their ability and have it go through a pre-race inspection before a drivers’ meeting. In qualification they will then battle for the pole position.


When the actual GP gets going, there is excitement in the air, and extreme emotions on the track. Later on, winners will be sure to live through the glory of it all in the sauna as those less fortunate come up with their explanations and promises of a better future.


Villa Hepolahti Grand Prix


  • Duration: 2-3 hours or as agreement
  • Location: Villa Hepolahti (also possible in other location)
  • Group sizes: 8 – 60 persons
  • Price: In Hepolahti meeting package from 500 € up. The final price in according to amount of persons and other activities.
  • Price includes: Grand Prix by self-built downhill racing car
  • Languages: Finnish, English
  • Gear needed: Outdoor clothing
  • Availability: April-November