Villa Hepolahti is your top-of-the-range venue for meetings and holiday fun!

The news from Villa Hepolahti

    Villa Hepolahti is a luxurious house providing a wonderful setting for your meetings, vacation and recreational events with a setting and style to be remembered.

    Hepolahti is located in Pälkäne, near Tampere region, in Southern Finland, and it is connected to extensive waterways and good traffic conditions. The villa provides enough space housing up to 17 people. Day meetings and various activities can be arranged for larger groups. During holiday periods and on weekends Hepolahti is leased for private visitors as a luxury holiday cabin and a ambient party venue.

    Style, atmosphere and hearthy service


    An elegant meeting venue, and it’s all for your group alone!

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    Full steam ahead or peace and quiet.

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    lapset rannassa korjattu
    Holiday and family party

    The makings of your dream holiday and family party!

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    At Villa Hepolahti, food has a story to tell!

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    ”Everyday miseries are forgotton with the sound of the stove’s black organ”.

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    Villa Hepolahti

    The story behind Villa Hepolahti

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    The latest from Hepolahti

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