Lake cruise

The Sun Tracker, carrying max. 13 people, departs from Hepolahti pier and heads towards shimmering blue open lake or magnificent River Kyllönjoki. Waterways range as far as Tampere and Hämeenlinna. We cruise with a relaxed pace, admiring the scenery. We can occasionally put in at an island or drop the anchor at a bay for swimming.


You may wish to extend your cruise with a visit to Rönnvik vineyard for a wine tasting or for a bit of shopping.


Our cruise is well suited for families and groups of friends, and a cruise can be arranged on other lakes and waterways in Pälkäne or its surroundings.


Cruise on the lake


  • Duration: Cruise on River Kyllönjoki; 1 hour.  Cruise on two different rivers Kyllönjoki and Kostianvirta; 3 hours. Longer trips depending on the available time.
  • Location: Pälkäne municipality (River Kyllönjoki, Lakes Pintele/Mallasvesi/ Ilmoilanselkä/Pälkänevesi)
  • Price: In Hepolahti meeting package basic price; 150 €/group + 15 €/person (incl. VAT 24 %). Longer trips according to the offer.
  • Price includes: Life jackets, safety instructions, cruise on the lake
  • Group sizes: 1-12 persons. Trips can be arranged one after another.
  • Languages: Finnish, English
  • Availability: May-October
  • Options: Picnic lunch